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A brazilian-panamenian composer


Musical Reading_Abstract

Posted by elciosa on August 23, 2009 at 7:22 PM


A thesis by Rodrigues de Sa


The present work is about to supply effective options to the problem of shortage of updated didactic materials in the specific area of Reading Music. As it is known, this area refers to the training skills in musical perception, which is traditionally congregated in Solfeggio and Musical Dictation, courses built on the conceptual statements of the Music Theory.

Beyond more than two decades working with musical teaching in different countries, we had being elaborating new didactic materials and proving then in ours classrooms studies. Now, in the course of the present work, we developed a group of sets with original didactic materials that carries close references about the tradition, includes actualizations from recent contributions in musical composition, and also cover several aspects of the cultural diversity that characterize our cosmopolite society.

Our work about Musical Reading incorporates the development of musical skills in melodic and harmonic reading, rhythmic reading, music dictation and synchronized procedures; moreover, it also includes spaces for creativity on improvisation with preselected materials.

By Elcio Rodrigues de Sa Bassi.

(Defended in 08/17/09, at University of Panama, Panama)

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